Teaching and Research Assistantships

Admission into the Master’s of Biology program carries no guarantee of financial support. Need-based tuition assistance determined by FASFA filings may be made by the Graduate School. Master's students are eligible to compete for support in the form of Teaching Assistantships (TAs) and Research Assistants (RAs), contingent upon satisfactory progression through the program and the availability of funds. Support typically does not extend beyond 4 semesters.


Several highly competitive awards are open to doctoral students at UNC Charlotte.  The following fellowships require a Graduate Program Director nomination in the NinerScholar’s Portal. Competitive applicants selected for nomination by our program will be contacted upon acceptance to the program. Once a student is admitted and provides an intent to enroll, the Graduate Programs Director will be able to submit nomination by March 16th to give students enough time to complete their application. Applications must be complete by March 23, 2020To nominate a student, please visit https://ninerscholars.uncc.edu/Nominate/The Nomination Portal contains a link to the User Instructions. These instructions include information on uploading recommendation letters.

Herschel and Cornelia Everett Foundation First-Year Graduate Fellowship

This Fellowship was established in 2001 by the Everett family trust to support their value on education and to foster the growth of UNC Charlotte. Through the continued support of their daughter, Ann E. Belk, the foundation works to help graduate students actualize their career goals. Masters student award provdies  $14,000 service-free stipend for first year; full in state tuition support and health insurance for up to 2 years.

  • Department must provide a qualifying graduate assistantship year 2
  • Minimum Undergraduate GPA of 3.2-4.0
  • U.S. Citizen or permanent resident; Preference given to North Carolina or South Carolina residents
  • Admitted for summer or fall 2020; Full-time enrollment

Master's Merit Award

  • For new master's students. The Graduate Programs Director will nominate all eligible students upon admission to the program and student intent to enroll.

  • Requires an assistantship.

  • $4,000 for NC resident and $8,000 for nonresident for each of 2 years. 

Graduate School Grant

  • for master's students. The Graduate Programs Director will nominate all eligible students upon admission to the program and student intent to enroll.

  • No assistantship required

  • Student must register for 3 credit hours or more,

  • $2,000 for one academic year. 


The following competitive fellowhips are open to new and continuing students. Students (new and continuing) will need to log in to the NinerScholars site at http://scholarships.uncc.edu/ and complete an applicant profile before they can be matched to any awards or see the awards they are eligible for. Newly admitted students may use their AdmissionPros ID number when applying if an 800/801 number has not yet been issued.​ All application materials will be submitted through the NinerScholars portal.  Students will automatically be matched to the following fellowships and scholarships based on their eligibility criteria. ​​ If the student meets the criteria, the application can be completed and submitted for the award competition. All deadlines are March 23, 2020. Please visit https://graduateschool.uncc.edu/funding/fellowships for more information.

Dr. Craig R. Brown Graduate Fellowship 

$2,000 grant plus NC resident tuition for a first-year US resident master’s or doctoral student conducting research to address societal issues.

Zonta Club Scholarship 

$1,000 grant for a first year US resident master’s or doctoral students to recognize, encourage, and support students pursuing study and professional careers.

Joanna R. Baker Memorial Graduate Fellowship 

A $3,000 grant for master’s or doctoral mathematical, computer science or information technology research, plus $750 travel allowance.

DRReaM Graduate Fellowship.   

$1,000 needs-based award for a master’s or doctoral student in a health-related program.

Faye Jacques Memorial Graduate Fellowship.  

$1,000 needs-based grant to a master’s or doctoral student.

Claudia M. Reynolds Graduate Fellowship

$1,000 award for non-traditional master's or doctoral students.

Thomas L. Reynolds Graduate Student Research Award

Up to $1,500 for doctoral or master’s students to assist with costs often overlooked in other funding sources.

Teaching Assistantships:

The MS Program has several competitive Teaching Assistantships (TAs) available for full-time students in good standing in the Masters program ($15,000/academic year; increasing to $16,000/academic year upon advancing to candidacy). A standard TA is a competitive award. For entering Masters students, TA awards are based on rankings determined through a combination of GPA and recommendations, and availibility of funds. For continuing Masters students, TA awards are based on evaluations of teaching performance and satisfactory progress in the program. The student must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 and carry at least 6 credit hours per semester to qualify. A standard TA position is awarded on a semester-by-semester basis for the fall and spring semesters; summer TA positions are awarded separately. Renewal of a TA position is contingent upon satisfactory evaluations of teaching performance and satisfactory progression through the program. 

Several Teaching Assistantships are available for summer sessions (summer TAs), and students may apply for these by contacting the Biology Graduate Coordinator. Salary for summer TAs is awarded in addition to the amount awarded for the fall and spring semesters. Summer TAs do not require that the student be enrolled in summer courses.

Workload and duties of a TA:  A regular TA contract is for 20 hours/week for the semester.  The standard workload includes teach two lab sections/week (6 in-class hrs), attend weekly prep sessions (1-2 hrs/week), plus time spent on lecture prep, lab report and quiz grading, and office hours.  To meet the 20 hrs/week designated in the contracts, it is expected that TAs also assist the faculty supervisor with proctoring and/or grading lecture exams, when requested.  If teh faculty supervisor requests assistance, the TA must provide it unless there are time conflicts with the student's own course schedules or the 20hrs/week has been meet.  TAs are required to respond to all faculty supervisor emails. TA evaluations are performed at the end of each semester. Outstanding TAs are recognized each year at the annual Biologicla Sciences symposium.

Research Assistantships:

Research Assistantships (RAs) are higly competitive and afford the student full time effort of 40 hrs/wk toward the thesis reaserch. RA awards may be available to Masters students at the discretion of the major advisor and depending upon the funding of research grants. The student must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 and carry at least 6 credit hours per semester to qualify for a RA. Please contact individual faculty for available RA positions.