Student Organizations

ABGS  (Association of Biology Graduate Students) -

The mission of this student organization is to provide a platform for the professional development of biology graduate students and to promote scientific awareness through community involvement of its members.

Career Ladders Program (CLP) -

Founded by graduate students in the Biological Sciences department, the program is a  peer-led career mentoring program for graduate students and postdocs pursuing any career pathway . Workshops and invited speakers in multiple professional disciplines present information o how to enter new career avenues and how to develop relationships and professional mentor experiences. CLP helps participants set aside a few hours each week to develop a framework for their job search.  Monthly meetings guide participants explore different career options by self-assessment, career research and skill identification, to informational interviewing and resume crafting.

American Medical Women's Association (AMWA) -

A student-led organization and nationally recognized branch under the premedical division of the American Medical Women's Association. AMWA is an organization that focuses on advancing women in medicine, healthcare, STEM, and leadership fields. Our branch focuses on advocating for gender equity and women's health, helping in the community, and providing support, resources, and mentorship to members during their undergraduate years. Instragram:; National website:; Contact Email: