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Conratulations to our students for another published paper- Sluder IT, Nitika, Knighton LE, Truman AW. The Hsp70 co-chaperone Ydj1/HDJ2 regulates ribonucleotide reductase activity. PLoS Genet. 2018 Nov 19;14(11):e1007462. doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1007462. [Epub ahead of print]

Whitney Leach is in Paris France for October-November participating in a workshop and directed training with Dr. Heather Warlow at the Pasteur Institute. Whitney is gaining expertise in techniques on cell separation and comparatvie transcriptomics to understand cyclic gene expression in distinct Nematostella vectensis. Whitney's trip and research are possible through Dr. Reitzel's NIH R15 grant. Bon voyage Whitney.Congratulations to Donna Goodenow chosen as “Best Student Oral Presentation” at the 1st Southern Genome Maintenance Conference in Mobile, Alabama for her seminar entitled “Bioflavonoids Induce Persisting DNA Double Strand Breaks and Chromosomal Translocations”. Donna will receive a $500 award.

Daniel Kepple traveled to Ethiopia for two weeks in September-October for field work at collaborating labs in Addis Ababa, Jimma, and Sekuru. Daniel attended a meeting in Sekuru showcasing a new facility put together by the University of Jimma, UNC-Charlotte (Dr. Lo), CDC, and USAID which will be used for extensive malaria and mosquito research. 

Congratulations to the graduate students who were selected for the inaugural 2018 UNC Charlotte summer stipends to focus on research. Anindita Ghosh (PhD), Deepika Suryaprakash (MS), and Sara Seegers (MS) received CLAS-sponsored Summer Graduate Fellow Awards of $12,000 each. Eric Broemsen (PhD), Amanda Burmeister (PhD), Steven Cupello (PhD), Joshua Huot (PhD), Austin Jeffries (PhD), Janice Kofsky (PhD), Whitney Leach (PhD), Neha Mittal (PhD), Alicia Sorgen (PhD), and Maribel Yazdanifar (PhD) received Graduate School-sponsored Summer Fellowships of $6,000 each available to eligible students who had successfully advanced to candidacy.



Fellowship Application Incentive Program (FAIP)

The UNC Charlotte Graduate School-sponsored Fellowship Application Incentive Program (FAIP) is now open for the '18-'19 year. Doctoral students may earn money just for applying to external funding and fellowships in the amount of $5,000 or more. Students will receive $500 for applying to an external grant or fellowship (up to 2) and receive an additional $1,500 if you are awarded the grant or fellowship (max 1). You MUST register your intent with the Graduate School before applying (deadline Feb 1st, 2019). More information and registration can be found at

UNC Charlotte 3MT Competition

Showcase your own research and compete in the annual UNC Charlotte 3MT Competition. "One take, One slide, Three minutes."  First place receives $500. Runner-up receives $400. People's choice receives $200. This year, qualifying Rounds are Oct 24th and Oct 25th, 2018 and final competition on Nov 9th, 2018. Questions should be directed to   

Register, obtain your time slot and learn more at

Summer Fellowships

Check back soon for information on application process for 2019 UNC Charlotte summer stipends to focus on research. CLAS-sponsored Summer Graduate Fellow Awards of $12,000 each and Graduate School-sponsored Summer Fellowships of $6,000 each available to eligible students who had successfully advanced to candidacy.

Current Research Concentrations