Graduate Programs

If you have the talent, we have the opportunity.    

The Department of Biological Sciences offers graduate degrees at the Doctoral and Master’s levels in the biological sciences and interdisciplinary areas of genomics, biochemistry, nanotechnology, ecotoxicology, biophysics, bioengineering, biotechnology, kinesiology, and health sciences. Students in the Ph.D. and M.S. programs have the opportunity to conduct graduate research under the direction of a Graduate Program Faculty member within the departments of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Engineering, Biophysics, Kinesiology, and select faculty at the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte. The cornerstone of the Ph.D. program and the thesis-based M.S. program is the student’s research. Each dissertation/thesis is expected to be a significant scientific contribution based on independent and original research, leading to publications in national/international peer-reviewed journals. The non-thesis Master’s program includes a capstone project in the area of student’s interest.

who we are

  • 60 graduate students curently enrolled
  • 72% US citizens and 28% international
  • of US citizens 44% are in-state, 56% out-of-state
  • average 5.5 years for the PhD 
  • average 2.25 years to obtain thesis-based MS
  • average 1.25 years to obtain nonthesis MS
  • < 5% attrition
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who we admit

  • Average GPA of admitted PhD students: 3.7
  • Average GPA of admitted MS students: 3.5 
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what we accomplish​

  • Current External Awards: 3 NSF-GRF Fellowships, 1 Schlumberger Foundation Fellowship, 1 PEO Scholar 
  • Current Internal Awards: 1 Kennedy Award, 1 Provost's Teaching Fellowship, 13 Summer Graduate Fellowships
  • In the past two years, students have traveled for research and meetings to Ethiopia, Ghana, United Arab Emerites, Australia, Sweden, France, Nova Scotia, Mexico, North Carolina Coast, Maine Coast, Woods Hole Massachussetts, Honolulu, New Orleans, Tampa, Orlando, Marineland, St. Augustine, Atlanta, Austin, San Francisco, Boston
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How we succeed