Card Access


In order for students, visiting non-employee or visiting student to receive access to the Department of Biological Sciences research areas, you must complete the following training videos as required by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety and the Department of Biosafety

Make sure you save a copy of each certificate you receive, in PDF format. You will need to upload each certificate when filling out the Card Access Request Form.


If you are a returning student and you have previously submitted your completed certificates, please email Keith Jung so that he can reinstate your card access* for the current semester.

*pending verification that you have uploaded the required certificates previously


COVID-19 Training
  • You must complete the COVID-19 training as provided by UNC Charlotte and the Environmental Health and Safety office
  • Once you have completed the training video, please save your Badge (in PDF format), so you can upload it when filling out the Card Access Request Form.
Department of Environmental Health and Safety
certificate example:

From the Department of Biosafety
certificate example:


After completing all the safety videos above, you can then fill out the Card Access Request form. Once the form is submitted, an email will be sent to the “PI/Supervisor" to confirm approval. Once the approval email is received from the supervisor, processing begins.  Please allow at least 24 hours (Monday - Friday) for your request to be approved and processed.  You will receive an email confirmation once your access has been granted.

For questions regarding card access: CARD ACCESS FAQ







Policy for Card Access

  • Card access to the Woodward building, Biology doors, and Biology hallways is to be used for UNC Charlotte business only
  • Card access is for individual use only
  • Card access will be automatically terminated for employees and students when they leave the Department and/or the University

The above card access policies are subject to change at the discretion of the Departmental Chair.  Users will be notified in advance of any policy changes.  Failure to comply with the above terms will result in termination of card access to Woodward as well as all individual doors and hallway access.