The Department of Biological Sciences is an academic community of scientists and students engaged in advancing the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge in biological sciences. The Department is guided by the pursuit of excellence in research and education, by a creative and collaborative approach, and by an awareness of the global context in which the Department exists. 


As we monitor novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we are committed to ensuring that all students can fulfill their academic requirements as planned and to supporting students, faculty and staff.

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  • Christopher Garcia

    Student, Biology

    Food web interactions in the salt marshes of southern Louisiana

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  • Brianna Bush

    Student, Biology

    Congratulations! Brianna will present at the the 2021 National Collegiate Research Conference

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  • Olivia Mikula

    Student, Biology

    Research the expression, function, and evolution of a protein family using the gene sequences of a sea anemone

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  • Jade Takakuwa

    Student, Biology

    Dimerization of Hsp70 and its role in chaperone function and how it regulates the cellular response to heat

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