The Department of Biological Sciences is an academic community of scientists and students engaged in advancing the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge in biological sciences. The Department is guided by the pursuit of excellence in research and education, by a creative and collaborative approach, and by an awareness of the global context in which the Department exists. 


Welcome Students to the New Semester

Dear students,

I want to express a warm welcome to each and every one of you to the new academic year at UNC Charlotte and the Department of Biological Sciences. You are part of an extraordinary community of scholars that includes more than 800 undergraduate majors, 60 graduate students, and 40 faculty. We are fortunate to have faculty who are both passionate distinguished teachers and innovative pathbreaking researchers whose contributions uphold our mission of academic excellence. We are fortunate to have dedicated staff who play indispensable roles in helping our department operate each and every day. We are fortunate to have you. You are the excited and talented students who will engage us inside Woodward and outside in our community, who will push us to think in new ways and be better, who will thrive in the classroom and in the laboratory.

This department embraces the beauty of our diversity. We pledge our commitment to a community of peace, equality, respect, inclusion, and safety for everyone. I dedicate this academic year to developing and presenting a clear and sustainable plan that supports this commitment. An incredible group of faculty and students started efforts to elevate this work and formalize initiatives over the summer. I invite undergraduates to be a part of this effort and provide energy, comments, suggestions, and critiques.

This department is dedicated to creating a culture of engagement, participation, and learning both in and out of the classroom. This year I challenge myself to go outside my comfort zone. I am going to participate, ask questions, try something new, think of an old topic in a new way, and self-reflect. I invite you to join me in this challenge. Ask a question you might be afraid to, participate in a class and give an answer you aren’t sure is “right”, approach a professor outside the classroom, join a student organization, try hands-on research, listen and learn from your peers, speak up and speak out, and tell me when we get it wrong so we can do better. Everyone around you has something to teach you, and, likewise, each of you has something to teach us. I cheer you on as you begin your personal adventure in this ‘20-‘21 year in the Department of Biological Sciences.


Christine Richardson, Interim Chair and Professor


The events that have unfolded in the last several months and years have left us heartbroken yet again. For the past ten days, hundreds of thousands of people across the US and the world have risen up to protest centuries of systemic racism and violence towards black people.

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As we monitor novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we are committed to ensuring that all students can fulfill their academic requirements as planned and to supporting students, faculty and staff.

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Christopher Garcia

Christopher Garcia

Student, Biology

Food web interactions in the salt marshes of southern Louisiana

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