Degree Programs

What undergraduate programs are offered?

The Department of Biological Sciences offers two majors (the B.A. and B.S.). There are several concentrations associated with the major such as ecology evolution & environment, microbiology, cell/biology physiology. Additionally, we offer a minor in biology and a minor in biotechnology. Detailed information about all of our programs can be found on the links below.

What courses do Biology majors take?

The undergraduate Biology major may choose to pursue a B.A. or B.S. degree. Both degrees consist of a core of required biology courses but differ in other aspects. The B.A. requires a total of 32 hours of biology and is intended to provide a broad-based biological background but with enough flexibility to permit you to take supplementary courses in areas other than biology. The B.S. requires a total of 44 hours of biology courses, as well as additional courses in physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The B.S. is especially good for those students planning to attend graduate or professional school.