Summer 2015

2015 Summer Participants Where Are They Now?

Blessing Alagba    UNC Charlotte

  • Graduated May 2016

Brandon Read    Univeristy of CA Merced

  • Participated in MACES Merced nAnomaterials Center for energy and Sensing project funded by NASA at CA Merced after REU summer
  • Transferred to UCLA this past summer (2016) took courses at UCLA in biomedical research
  • Curerntly a Physics/Biophysics Major at UCLA working in lab that studies CBS in breast cancer

Kai Chung    Elon University

  • "Based on a presentation about my REU summer project, an Elon professor was really intrigued and impressed by the quality of work and asked if I could research in their lab. I spent most of the senior year working with zebrafish and looking at light/dark cycles, circadian rhythm"
  • Graduated in May 2016 with a degree in biology
  • Currently working as a researcher in a lab at USC in California before transitioning into their grad program to purse a PhD

Kaitlyn DeZego    Catawba College

Zachary Masters    Winthrop University

  • Vice President Honors Program Winthrop University 2015-2016 Senior year
  • Graduated May 2016
  • Seeking a PhD in Immunology and applying to programs this Fall "because I discovered that this is my passion after leaving the REU program and returning to Winthrop. "

Kenneth Panora    UNC Charlotte

  • Graduated May 2016

Jude Raj    UNC Charlotte

  • Graduated May 2016 with Honors in Biology
  • Currently working as a researcher in Dr. Carrie Lucas's lab, Immunobiology Department, Yale School of Medicine
  • Plans on applying to MD/PhD programs during 2016 Fall for entry 2017 Fall

Ethan Sanford    UNC Pembroke

  • Awarded 2016 UNC Pembroke Outstanding Senior and Dept of Biology 2016 Faculty Award (June 2016)
  • Currently attending Cornell University PhD program in Biochemistry (Ithaca NY)

Samuel Strader    UNC Chapel Hill

  • Continuing towards the Bachelor of Science Biology degree at UNC Chapel Hill 
  • Over the past year conducting a mucosal-immunological clinical study on the effectiveness of intramuscular vaccine versus nasal spray vaccine as an Undergraduate Research Assistant, and will be transitioning to a different project investigating whether the genome of immune cells can be altered in a way to enable them to produce antibodies for pathogens to which an individual has not yet been exposed. 
  • "I thank the REU program at UNC Charlotte for giving me the tools, the experience, and the vision to chase my dream of becoming a biology researcher." 

Shaina Twardus    Barnard College