The Department of Biological Sciences of UNC Charlotte is committed to excellence in fundamental and applied biological research and prides itself on the breadth of its research agenda. The research in the Department encompasses a broad range of biological disciplines including molecular and cell biology; immunology; genetics; microbiology; animal, plant and microbial physiology; developmental biology; behavior; ecology and evolution.  Research of the Department of Biological Sciences also involves a strong applied component using fundamental biological studies to address key environmental and health-related issues such as ecological sustainability, global change and human disease.

The Department places a strong emphasis on promoting collaborations and interactions among the faculty with diverse research interests and expertise in order to enhance and enrich its research involving doctoral, Master’s and undergraduate students and to develop new approaches to fundamental biological questions. Our Department has one of the best Honors undergraduate student research programs on campus and it is strongly committed to research outreach by providing research opportunities for High School Students.

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