Watch ‘TOP’ faculty in action

The Teachers Observing Peers (TOP) Program, a new offering from the Center for Teaching and Learning, is an opportunity for faculty members to sit in on certain classes and watch how their colleagues engage their students and deliver instruction.

“We know there are amazing faculty across campus, but at the same time education is a process of learning, and many instructors can take advantage of this program to incorporate more interactive teaching methods in their classes,” said Tracy Rock, a professor in the College of Education and a Faculty Fellow with the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Participation in TOP is voluntary and designed for professional development purposes; it is not connected to the peer observation process required by colleges for reappointment, tenure and promotion.

Faculty members who participate in the TOP Program will observe one of six instructors, followed by a 30-minute feedback session where the instructor and observer can discuss the techniques utilized.

“Most of the TOP teachers have been using interactive methods for several years in ways that work for them. For those who observe, we suggest that you enter the observation with an open mind,” said Rock.  “You may leave a class observation with very different ideas about how you would use and implement a particular activity or technique in your own course.”

TOP is a new program being offered by the Center for Teaching and Learning, and it is an opportunity to promote best practices for classroom instruction. The center’s mission is to advance scholarly teaching and provided enterprise-level instructional technologies and professional development opportunities to ensure constructive and active learning environments.

More information about the program, the instructors/classes available to observe and relevant forms to complete is on the TOP website.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016